Living Rivers Cast Craig & Wade Fellin Max Lowe

Living Rivers - Cast

Rivers are hypnotic forces of nature, capable of exerting an almost gravitational pull on the human soul, even over great distances and time spans. In this gorgeous short film from Max Lowe Media and American Rivers, fly-fishing guide and environmental attorney Wade Fellin returns to the Big Hole River of his youth, proving that when it comes to Montana trout rivers, you can indeed go home again.

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The Big Hole Lodge Legacy

Craig Fellin founded Big Hole Lodge in 1984 and continues to run the operation with his son, Wade. At heart, Big Hole Lodge has always been for those seeking a wilderness fly fishing experience where they can further themselves within the sport, novice and expert alike. Craig and Wade's passion attracts a staff and clientel of dedicated anglers.  Click here to join the Legacy!

April Brown on the Big Hole

On a brisk April morning this spring, David Thompson, Bryan Ulring and I set out in search of big browns on the Big Hole River. We caught quite a few of them, but our hands took a beating in that cold mountain water. This was the only underwater footy we could manage. Enjoy!

Experience the Big Hole Lodge

Come enjoy a week in paradise with us in beautiful Wise River, Montana!