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Smashin' skwalas before the runoff

Flow: 867 cfs at Maiden Rock
Visibility: Clear, but on the rise and may color up as the week begins if temps warm.
Temp: Water: 51 Air: 70 Windy
Fishing: Good! Skwalas, streamers, and small stone nymphs.

Big Hole Lodge Crew

It was wiiiiindy yesterday, but we chucked streamers through the gusts and plopped dries on the banks when the breeze let up.  Bigger fish were eagerly chasing the streamers, but were hesitant to eat it fully. We had a lot of "short strikes."   The 12-16" class was slapping the skwala dry on the banks fairly consistently from 3:00 on, and if you could get it into the pockets through the wind, the 'next size' was looking for up.

Lanette with brownie on a skwala

Lanette skwala 2

Our trusty fish hunter is sprawled out on the floor after tirelessly scanning the riffles for big browns all day!

Kali, master fish hunter


Moosin' Around

On our float the other day, Lanette and I spotted a lone moose swimming from the true-left bank to an island, which we were on the right of.  As I walked around the island for a better view, the yearling dove into the water to join her brother, already following Mom back across the river.

As Mom jumped out, the twins paddled hard to join her.

The young bull lost footing and I thought he was in trouble...there was a down tree just below.

A powerful kick, and he was back up,

...and home free.

Our moose population has taken a hit over the past 10 years as a result of disease, roadway traffic, and wolves so it is encouraging to see a happy, healthy family out for a swim.

Winter in Washington

 Craig has been on the Olympic Peninsula with his lab, Gus, for the past two months chasing steelhead as they return from the ocean.  He is still unpacking in Wise River and will be editing photos soon, but I was able to grab a few he took of the area he's been exploring.

Gus loved playing in surf at the beach near the RV park:

The upper Bogachiel River and Gus:

The Hoh Rainforest:

 Morgan's Crossing on the Hoh River, a popular run with spey casters:

The Sol Duc River:

The lower Bogachiel which flows next to the RV Park where he was staying. This guy has caught 81 steelhead since last summer!

Craig fished the pool below on the Dickey River with Gus one day and a seal swam over to the bank and Gus chased it back in the water. The seals follow the steelhead up the river.

This is the estuary where the Quillayute River enters the ocean. If you catch a steelhead here, it can't get any fresher.

More to come later!