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Chef Lanette Drops in on Orvis Flyfishing 101 in Santa Clara


Our good friend, Laurie Kirk, learned to fly fish behind the lodge on the Wise River over ten years ago and has since become an avid fisher and an integral member of the Flycasters of San Jose, near her hometown.  The Flycasters Club is an organization dedicated to help protect, enhance and restore local, state and national fisheries of all species of fish and types of waters and related habitat through education, volunteer efforts and contributions; with a focus on those waters and fish most important to the Flycasters membership, with a mission to pass on these magnificent resources to future generations.

For the past two years, Big Hole Lodge has supported the organization and last February, our very own chef, Lanette Evener, joined Laurie in Santa Clara, CA for the Flycaster's annual fundraising dinner.  Image
Last Sunday, Lanette and Laurie assisted the Orvis instructor at Fly Fishing 101, teaching basic casting and knot tying skills.  The Orvis instructor caught a beautiful cast out of the corner of his eye and asked Laurie if she knew who this particular, "beginner fly fisher" was.  In fact, it was Lanette, who has spent the last 20 summers honing her expertise, graciously offering advice to the next generation of anglers.

We wish Lanette safe travels as she heads back to Montana this week and look forward to Laurie's return later this summer!