Rock Creek, Horse Prarie Creek, Clarkfork, Montana Fly Fishing

Small Water Wade Fishing

The Big Hole is known for having greased bowling balls for a bottom and the Beaverhead is known for its deep holes and heavy vegetation; both can be quite difficult to wade fish.  The Big Hole Lodge offers a wide variety of wade fishing options in addition to our spring creek and Beaverhead Ranch leases. Montana is chock-full of mountain streams, and if you know where to go some of them are hiding big fish!

The Wise River
The Wise is literally outside your door, and full of beautiful, native trout.  On arrival day, we will have flies on your dresser picked specifically for the Wise and we encourage you to get out and stretch your casting arm in our home pool.  The Wise is a major tributary of the Big Hole and when temperatures rise during the height of summer, big fish have been known to come up and cool off in the deep pools near the lodge.  You can expect to catch brookies, cutthroat, rainbows and browns on dry flies.

Rock Creek
This free flowing tributary to the Clark Fork is a wade fisherman's dream.  The upper reaches meander through open meadows on a calm course characterized by smooth runs, gentle riffles and pockets. The water is extremely clear and often colder than most rivers in the state, lending itself to fast and feisty cutthroat trout. Special regulations and limited access along the upper river promote habitat improvement and help protect this fabulous fishery. 

The Upper Clark Fork
This three hundred mile river is one of Montana's major waterways and a fork of the Columbia River.  Though it is quite sizable by the time it passes through Missoula, it's headwaters near Butte originate from a spillway and the river is quite narrow and relatively shallow. Special protective measures have been taken to restore the river since the Butte copper mining days which stripped the land and sterilized the stream.  The trout population has rebounded and the state preserves the population in the upper reaches.  As a result a strong and healthy brown trout fishery exists in a valley where few plants have dared to grow.  We have caught fish up to 24 inches out of this small stream, and there is no place like it during hopper season.