Dining at Big Hole Lodge

Dining at Big Hole Lodge

Begin your fishing day with a hearty stack of oatmeal pancakes covered in apple saute, whipped cream and accompanied by apple-wood smoked bacon and fresh berries. After hours of stalking and catching wild trout, your guide lays out a riverbank lunch of marinated and grilled tri-tip with smoky vegetables, potato salad with fresh herbs and lemon bars. Evening cocktails are accompanied by lightly grilled and succulent pieces of huckleberry-glazed quail wrapped in endive, followed by a succulent entrée grilled herb and garlic rack of lamb with sweet potato gratin, crisp green beans and red rhubarb confit. If you have saved any room, a cheescake mousse with rum poached plums and a cup of decaf will tuck you in for the night.

Chef - Lanette Evener, an expert fly fisher, is back this summer for her twenty third year.  Creative and hearty meals are crafted with an artisan approach. Menus are carefully planned to satisfy the guests after their adventurous days on the river.  BBQ and smoked meats are marinated to perfection and the fish, pork and chicken dishes are accompanied by excellent sides that are prepared with a western attitude. Many of the meals at Big Hole Lodge are a long-standing favorites with guests frequently requesting the recipes. Desserts are lovingly prepared and are designed to delight the palate.   Tuesday night is steak night, a traditional Western barbeque down by the river and is a client favorite.

Sous-chef Cassawndra Page was born and raised on the banks of the Big Hole and joins us for the seventh year in a row, fresh out of culinary school and a successful offseason as a high-end restaurant chef in San Francisco. Many of you remember her father, former head-guide Chuck Page, who proudly passed down his determination and unmatched work ethic. Alongside Lanette, this dynamic duo is the best in the game. 

Meal Times- Meal hours are scheduled according to the angling conditions and where you will be fishing that day. Generally, breakfast is served between 6:30 and 7:30 AM. Fishing times are later as we move into September. Lunch is served at streamside. After a full day of fishing, you’ll return to the lodge in time to relax before dinner, which is usually served around 7:30 PM. If you wish to extend your fishing day into the evening hatch, our chef is more than willing to prepare a late dinner for you as long as you are seated by 9:00 PM. It is important to let us know on your questionnaire of any dietary restrictions, etc., so that we will be prepared to accommodate them.

Alcoholic Beverages- The lodge provides beer and wine for lunch, dinner and before dinner. If you would like to extend your cocktail hour, bring along a bottle or flask of your favorite spirits. The lodge does not sell hard liquor on the premises; however, one can purchase a bottle in Butte upon arrival or at the Wise River Club. For clients flying into Bozeman, Belgrade Liquor near the airport sells hard liquor.