River Reports and Photos

Big Hole Grand Slam

Happy 4th of July!  The rivers are coming into shape nicely and dropping to more manageable levels.  We have had some cold nights so the snow is coming out of the mountains slowly.  We're looking forward to a great week.

Springtime colors

Congratulations to Franklin Paisley of Kentucky for scoring a Grand Slam at the end of last week.  With Rick Rossi at the oars Frank boated a brook, brown, rainbow, cutthroat, and grayling on the Big Hole all before lunch!  Rick took Frank and his father Lewis on a long float upriver and got them into over 30 fish.  They netted a handful in the 18" range and a bunch in the 14-16" range on dries and droppers.

The Big Hole fished well today although the bigger fish seemed to be taking some time off.  Our boat was able to bring up a lot of fish in the mid-teen range but the big boys are either stuffed or hunkering down for the big storm due in tonight and tomorrow.

Today was tough down in the Dillon area.  We had a near freezing night last night and bright sun and wind today.  These factors make spring creek and lake fishing very difficult.  The PMD hatch never started due to the cold so we were forced to power terrestrials into the wind, making delicate presentation nearly impossible.  The fish were spooky and picky and my clients will appreciate cocktail hour this evening.

Paid our dues today

The Big Hole is in great shape at 4,070 cubic feet per second.  Lots of bugs flying around.

Fly fishing will teach you a lot about yourself and your place in this world if you let it.  Today we tested our patience against very selective trout on the upper Big Hole and learned a lesson in the importance of presentation!  At the start of the Pale Morning Dunn hatch the fish were hungry and eager to snag every yellow bodied may fly that came along, today they were looking for fly lines and leaders.

David and Tina from Arizona worked painstakingly to perfect their casts in breezy conditions this morning and we were able to pick up some brookies and grayling before putting the boat in.  The float fished pretty slow and it sounded like that was the consensus among the boats in our section.  There was a thick caddis hatch coming off just as we were taking out tonight so we decided to float right on past the car and it really paid off.  Dave and Tina fished hard all afternoon to no avail and after waving goodbye to our ride they were rewarded with great fishing through the evening.  Dave made a perfect long cast to the underside of a big rock and sure enough mister brown was there to suck in the dry.  We picked up a healthy handful of nice sized rainbows as well and called it a day.   I hope everyone this week enjoyed their trip, we hope to see you next summer!

Hello Fishing World!

We at the Big Hole Lodge have nestled ourselves in the Pioneer mountains and done our best to fight back the encroachment of cell service, high-speed internet, black-berries, iPhones, and the like.  We would much rather continue to ignore the technological movement completely and keep fishing but we realize that could be viewed as somewhat self-involved.  So we have resolved to share our experiences with you and in order to do that we can't hold out against the cyber age any longer.

Starting this summer we will be keeping an updated blog for our friends in the fishing community so that they can follow the adventures of our guides and clients as well as read about the current fishing conditions.   We will post pictures as often as possible so that you can put faces and places to the posts and we not only welcome your replies and comments but we encourage them and look forward to hearing from you.    Stay tuned and enjoy, I'll have an update on the Big Hole tomorrow!

Take care,
Wade Fellin