Birthday Bashes, Boats, and Big Bugs!

This past weekend, our very own Lanette "Lamb-Chop" Evener celebrated another trip around the Sun.  In Montana, a birthday celebration starts early and outdoors.

Down at the Thompson's Corner, we caught up with a few river rats who had found their way out of the U of Mont. Law and Forestry libraries.  Pete has logged more days on the water than Capt. Ahab, and his comrades proved they'd grown up throwing a fly-line.

Pete and I were celebrating the maiden voyages of our rafts on the BH, which added to the elation of the birthday crew.

We forgot the net, but thankfully Kali readily offered her "fetching" services.

Lanette had little faith in the streamers most of the boats have been slinging, and she instead opted for a size 10 salmon fly.
The flies are at least a week away with this cold weather, but tell that to this gal and her brownie.

A celebratory, wild West birthday dinner.......

.....and an even wilder birthday toast:
 Kelli, our former kitchen extraordinaire, raised a few extra toasts and wound up in the river....

That is a true Mountain Girl.  I assure you it was not warm.

We didn't catch anything big, but each boat caught its fill considering the bouncing barometer.

It was one of those days you wished would roll on for ever.

Happy Birthday, Lanette! Glad to have you back for another season at the Big Hole Lodge.


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